Biohazard Cleanup Baton Rouge

How is blood cleaned up after crimes?

A very simple way to clean up blood is to put on disposable gloves to prevent contamination of hands. Also, put on a full face mask to protect the eyes from any blood droplets that are likely to spill during the cleanup. Wipe up the spill using an absorbent material. Paper towels are considered to be one of the best absorbent materials for this purpose. These absorbents must be disposed off immediately in a plastic garbage bag so that the chances of spreading of disease could be decreased. At the end, pour bleach solution onto all the contaminated areas of the surface.

This may sound like an easy task but one must be deeply careful while handling certain situations during the cleanup. For example, if there is a little blood stain on the carpet, there is a good chance that there is bloodstain on the floorboards underneath it as well. Therefore, one has to check and clean every possible place where the blood could have gone to. Apart from that, one needs to have special permits to transport and dispose of many biohazardous wastes or he could get himself in trouble. The cleaners’ job is to remove even a tiny spot of blood from the site too, thus he should be very careful while cleaning up blood.

How long does a crime scene clean up take?

Crime scene cleanup can take from 5 hours to a whole day, depending on the severity of the mess made and the amount of input given to carry out the cleaning. Some projects may take a couple of days, but that is rare.

Why hire a clean up company in Baton Rouge?

Many researches say that hiring a cleanup company is a better option than doing the cleaning oneself. The major reasons are:

⦁ Family members or friends who get involved in cleaning the blood may get emotionally overwhelmed. They may already be in a state of shock and trauma and doing the ‘blood’ cleanup of their loved one must be one challenging task for them.

⦁ The cleaning of blood, body fluid, human tissue, etc may seem an easy task, but it is extremely tiring and requires a lot of physical work which may get difficult for the family to handle.

⦁ The cleanup companies have the full knowledge about their job which any untrained person lacks. If the family fails to carry out the job properly, diseases may start transferring and become a major problem.

Cost of Crime scene clean up

The cost of remediating biohazards and blood can vary from situation to situation. The major factors that influence the cost includes the number of people involved, the number of rooms affected (including the pathways), the length of time left unattended and additional things involved such as machinery or large amounts of personal property such as furniture and clothing.

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