Murder Rate Exploding in Baton Rouge

Murder Rate Exploding in Baton Rouge
In recent years, the violent crime rate in Baton Rouge has exploded, causing the city to be the 8th most violent large city in 2011, according to Wikipedia. Since that year, the statistics of violence in the city has only increased.

The city of Baton Rouge says that Homicides in Baton Rouge for 2017 were 89 individuals, compared with 47 in 2016. The current year is no better. According to WAFB, the murder rate of the city from the beginning of this year to the end of May was already 45 percent higher than for the same period in 2017.

The police chief of Baton Rouge, Murphy Paul, is among the crime scene detectives in Baton Rouge point, and he says they could use some help in finding the solution to ending homicides in Baton Rouge. “We need help from the community to stop this culture of violence in Baton Rouge,” he says.

While the police are at a loss to be able to end this killing spree, the residents are not shocked by the rise of violence that they see happening all around them. ” Baton Rouge resident Earnest Ingram says, “Aint no safe place anymore.” However, he agrees that responsibility for ending the killing falls on everyone, saying crime scene detectives in Baton Rouge are doing their job but parents must do theirs, too.

The rise in violence in the city is on the rise, and there are hopes for police-community partnerships. With the continued rise of violence in the metropolitan, the people of the community are counting on a solution being discovered, soon.

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