Murder and Violent Crimes

This is the most difficult situation a crime scene cleanup crew has to address. Violent crimes can create environments that are multi-faceted when it comes to sanitation and safety. Homicide clean up must be coordinated with many levels of law enforcement and investigative protocols.

The importance of specified crime scene cleaning is dependent upon both government regulations, and the need to minimize exposure to unknown elements to the public. When a scene is soiled because of the events of crime, it is nearly impossible to tell whether there are diseases, caustic substances, or vital investigatory elements present. This is why crews involved in Jacksonville crime clean up must use extraordinary means to fully decontaminate and restore locations.

Homicide clean up and suicide clean up require careful attention to detail. This includes coordination with police and coroner investigations and working with families to minimize the effects of trauma.

Most of these types of scenes are classified as biohazards because they involve cleanup of body fluids, and undergo examinations to determine the presence of disease, controlled substances, poisons, and pathogens. The most important aspect of dealing with a traumatic event is the work of crime scene cleanup services that erase some of the terrible aspects of a tragedy. These services are vital in restoring normalcy to a scene, and cannot be understated as important to helping investigators formulate reports on criminal activity, and bringing closure to the families and friends of victims.

Baton Rouge Crime Scene Cleanup

When someone dies in a residence and is not discovered for days or weeks, the room in which the death occurred can become contaminated with a host of biological hazards. Discoveries like these are treated as crime scenes until a law enforcement entity can determine the cause of death. Though the scene may be recorded as natural, the area must be cleaned thoroughly. This includes furniture removal, stain extractions, and anything else that is needed to free premises from biological matter. Unattended death scenes are very frequent and require specialized cleanup crews to restore property features.