Crimes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge law enforcement are searching for two men in Monday night armed robbery of a 24hr Convenience Store 4 days ago. The two armed robbers took an undisclosed amount of cash during the robbery and haven’t been caught as of yet.

Alton Sterling (June 14, 1979 – July 5, 2016) was known locally in the Baton Rouge area as the man that sold CD’s in a gas station parking lot. He was shot to death in 2016.

Situated on the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge has the best of Louisiana’s culture as far as I’m concerned. The state capital, Baton Rouge is a large expanding city that is home to both LSU and Southern University and numerous businesses and industrial services. Known for its good people, fresh seafood and live music, Baton Rouge has something for everyone that lives there and visits. You can pretty much find anything you’re looking for in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But as soon as you think it’s a safe town you need to think again. Baton Rouge has a high crime rate for 2015-2016. Crimes reported in Baton Rouge and handled by the Baton Rouge Police Department have been up in the last couple of years. So when visiting you must be aware of your surroundings like anywhere else in the United States. Crime Scene Cleanup and meth lab remediation companies stay busy with all the drug use and homicides in Baton Rouge. When cleaning a crime or homicide scene, you have to be prepared for what you are about to do..Cleaning up after a crime scene can be very hard for someone that is not properly trained in biohazard remediation. There is a lot of shootings, stabbings, drug overdoses, and beatings in the city and surrounding areas. The police are working around the clock to keep their town as safe as possible. This is a wonderful city! Enjoy the good fish, shrimp, and Blue crab this town has to offer…


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