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Unfortunately death does not always happen to people who are active in their daily lives. Most individuals would be missed by friends and family members if they don’t return a phone call or show up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unattended deaths, most of the time, will happen to an older person who is retired and mainly keeps to themselves. I think I may have one or two in my neighborhood. In most cases, unattended deaths can can go unnoticed for long periods of time before it is discovered by someone that’s usually close to that individual. Sometimes the Postal carrier will notice an odor or flies around the windows that are pretty large. When a deceased individual is discovered, The police and investigators are called out to do their investigation to make sure the deceased wasn’t murdered. After the investigation it’s time for the cleanup process to begin. Human decomposition is a very foul odor and extremely hard to get rid of in homes and commercial properties in Baton Rouge. With the high heat temperatures in Louisiana along with the humidity, human decomposition will sit in much faster that places like NY where temperatures are much cooler.

Baton Rouge Crime Scene Cleanup is located in Louisiana for any emergency cleaning you have encounter day or night 24/7. We understand the overwhelming process that’s involved with an unattended death cleanup. Being exposed to blood and bodily fluids from an unattended death scene can be harmful to you and others that have come in contact with the blood and bodily fluids from the deceased. If not properly cleaned by a biohazard remediation company, these situations can quickly lead to more property damage in your home or business. Sometimes flooring and sheetrock have to be removed to get all the blood out and then sanitize the room which the incident occurred. Call us anytime at 225-308-8373


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