Funerals and deaths

In Finland, religious funerals are much different than in America The local priest or minister says the prayers and blessed the dead in their homes. The mourners traditionally bring the food to the mourners house. Nowadays the deceased is put into the coffin in the place where they have passed on. The undertaker will pick up the coffin and place it in the hearse and drive it to the funeral home with the  relatives or friends of the dead will follow the hearse to the final resting place. The coffin will be held at the funeral home until the day of the funeral. The funeral services may be divided into two parts. First is the church service in a cemetery chapel or local church, than the burial. Nobody is certain how their death is going to happen. From a simply cold to an automobile accident, nobody knows for sure.

In Southern China a traditional Chinese gift to the people upon entering is a white or red envelope, usually enclosing a small amount of money a sweet, red thread, and a handkerchief, each with symbolic meaning. Chinese custom dictates that nothing given during the funeral should be taken to their residence, except for the red thread, which is tied to the front doorknob of the mourner’s house to scare off bad luck or spirits. The repetition of 3 is common where people at the funeral may brush their hair three times or spit three times before leaving the funeral to keep from having bad luck. This custom is also found in other East Asian and Southeast Asian cultures, but the custom of the deceased’s immediate family giving gifts and money to people at the funeral is not practiced in Northern China.

Funerals in Islam follow fairly specific rites, though they are subject to regional interpretation and variation in custom. In all cases, however, sharia calls for the burial of the body, preceded by a simple ritual which includes bathing and shrouding the body, followed by salat. Cremation of the body is forbidden.

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